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Biome Foods

Functional foods for
performance, wellness,
and fast-mimicking.

Biome GOLD

In our gut we trust.

Biome Foods manufactures all-natural, organic, paleo and ketogenic functional foods that specialize in optimizing our gut microbial composition.

The human gut microbiome (the superorganism living inside of us) make up the vast majority of our total DNA and life force. Our microbiota determine all aspects of our mental and physical health, as well as act as our immune system.

We feature nutrient-dense foods to aid in recovery, performance, and work capacity. Our foods help balance our microbial community and enable us to become the best hosts we can possibly be. They are perfect for Intermittent Fasting (helping you stay in nutritional ketosis longer) and the Fast-Mimicking Diet (gaining all the benefits from fasting with much less effort).

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